Resisting Privatization

The Atlantic has a good post about the push back against the
privatization of public services.

The AAA Hotline is Back Up!

The AAA (American Arbitration Association) hotline is up and running again! If you have not received a ballot for the Union general election, call 1-800-529-5218 and request a ballot.

Attention Members! AAA Hotline is Temporarily Out Of Service.

If you still have not received a ballot, please email your request to Sacha Ulerio at as the AAA (American Arbitration Association) hotline is temporarily out of service.

Pension News from Detroit

There's some pension news from Detroit that every public sector worker in the country should be looking it. Check out the story here

HRA Agrees to Move Sup II and Sup III Lists

After discussions between HRA Commissioner Steve Banks and SSEU Local 371 President Anthony Wells, HRA will begin moving the two civil service lists. The agency is expected to begin with the Sup III social worker list and move to the other ones.

The agency must coordinate with DCAS and the personnel department to identify vacancies.

Licensing and Education for Social Workers

Please see the attached letters from SSEU Local 371 and DC 37 Local 768 regarding educational requirements for social workers.

ACS Workers Media Campaign Going Live!

Hard working ACS workers are often misunderstood.

More Good News on Lists

The Union has learned the HRA has agreed to move the Sup III (social work) list. This is just the latest news in lists being moved. 

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