Upcoming Pools

The following pools have opened up:

Oct. 2: Exam 8075, List #s 60.5-454 (four candidates) in DYCD (Contract Specialist).

Oct. 2: Exam 1009, List #s 61.5-153 (three candidates) in DYCD (Associate Contract Specialist).

Oct. 7: Exam 2522, List #s 21-91 (17 candidates) in HRA (Sup II). 

Two New Pools!

Oct. 10: List #656 for Exam 8318 for HRA (Caseworker in FIA, HASA and OCSE).

Oct. 10: List #54-219 (34 candidates) for Exam 8127 for HRA (Caseworker in FIA, HASA and OCSE). 

DC 37 Releases Pay Increase Dates

Pay Dates for DC 37 Economic Contract Raises:

MAYORAL AGENCIES and Department of Education 

Official Results

Wells Members United slate won the positions they were running for in the following areas: Officers, Trustees , Welfare Fund Trustees, DC37 Delegates, and Central Labor Council Delegates. We congratulate all who won and thank everyone who took part in the process.

General Election Results

The ballots in the re-run of the General Officers Election have been counted and the results reaffirm the results of the April election.

African American Day Parade

We thank everyone who participated at the African American Day Parade on Sunday!

Please, check out this video slideshow of some parade highlighs.

HPD Chapter Meeting

The HPD chapter meeting scheduled for Sept. 25 has been moved to Oct. 2.

Time Is Running Out: VOTE!

There are just a few more days left in the General Officers Election. Ballots will be counted starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 23, but to ensure that your ballot will get counted, the Union encourages members to mail in ballots by the morning of this Saturday, Sept. 20.

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