New York Ballot Questions

As per DC 37's recommendations, we are urging members to vote on the three ballot measures that will go before voters Tuesday, Nov. 4

Prop 1: NO

Prop 2: NO

Prop 3: YES

Revised DC 37 Pay Raises

The following was sent to members from HRA:

As you were previously informed, on the October 24th, 2014 paycheck, all employees who were and are still covered under DC 37 union titles from September 3rd, 2013 through present will receive salary increases of 1% effective September 3rd 2013 and 1.50% September 3rd 2014 compounded.


Oct. 20: List 8127 for 34 candidates between 220 and 256 for Caseworker at HRA. 

Oct. 23: List 2522 (APS Selective Certification) for 11 candidates between 55 and 112 for Sup II at HRA. 

Nov. 7: List 2041 for 10 candidates between 91 and 137 for Child and Family Specialist at ACS. 

Important Info on "Vision Zero"

From the DOT: Please help raise awareness by forwarding this message to your friends and family:

On average, every two hours, another New Yorker is killed or seriously injured in a traffic crash. And speeding is the leading cause of fatal crashes.

HRA Employment Plan

The following has been sent to HRA staff from management: 

HHC: What to Know about Ebola

The Health and Hospitals Corporation released the following to employees regarding the Ebola virus. 

Q&A with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ross Wilson 

More Pools in ACS

The following pools are for ACS, Child Protective Specialist. 

Oct. 27: List 1326 for 100 candidates between 67 and 737; List 1329 for 110 candidates between 292 and 883 and List 2308 for 110 candidates between 48 and 1109. 

Oct. 28: List 2308 for 100 candidates between 1110 and 1145 and List 2319 for 100 candidates between 1 and 65. 

Help with Hopeline

The Union's Next Wave committee is collecting old cell phones at all Union meetings for the Hopeline program. So bring in your old cell phone for a good cause. 

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