CityTime, Contracts Under the Microscope

City Limits magazine has a special issue devoted to the CityTime program, the wasteful private contract that has resulted in multiple allegations of criminal activity on the part of the City’s private contractors.

HHC Shows How Bad Medicaid Cuts Would Be

The Health and Hospitals Corporation released a study of how Congressional cuts to Medicaid would affect the public hospitals system. It isn't pretty. See the whole report here:

Anthony Wells Goes to Washington

Joe Biden

SSEU Local 371 President Anthony Wells was chosen as a representative of the New York American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees community for a labor panel at the White House Nov. 2 with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden to discuss the Jobs Bill. Wells said, "It was a huge honor to be in the presence of this President.

Snow Day Arbitration

The arbitration case between the Union and the City over docked pay and sick days for the December snow day has been moved to Feb. 2, 2012.

Any workers who worked that day or used Access-a-Ride and are willing to submit their testimony are encouraged to contact Vice President of Grievances and Legal Services Lloyd Permaul. 

WSJ reports on Medicaid Redesign Plan

The Wall Street Journal reported on some issues inside City and State government that relate to the Medicaid Redesign team plan that would cause devastating cuts to CASA.

State Pushed to Help A Union
Wall Street Journal, Oct. 7, 2011 
By Jacob Gershman

Welfare Fund Important Disclosure Notice of Non-Creditable Coverage

From the Welfare Fund Office:

Disclosure Notice of Non-Creditable Coverage
Important Notice From the Social Service Employees Union Local 371
Welfare Fund About Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare 

SUP II & SUP III Settlement Clarified

Local 371 and the City have settled the SUP II and SUP III lawsuit. The City has invalidated the previous exam and is offering those who filed previously a chance to re-file or request a refund. The new exam does give points for service as a permanent supervisor in the appropriate title whether they supervised employees or not.

Bloomberg Asks For Budget Reductions

On October 4, Mayor Bloomberg instructed his commissioners to come up with plans for a 2% reduction in fiscal year 2012 and a 6% reduction for fiscal year 2013, which begins July 1, 2012. He also announced a hiring freeze. Any agency that needs to fill a vacancy must go through OMB. The Union is awaiting plan submission by the agencies to determine the impact of the budget cuts.

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