Bargaining Update: the City Makes Its First Offer

District Council 37 had its first bargaining session with the City, which put forth a five-year contract proposal that had no raises in the first three years, and then two 2-percent raises, in addition to health care give backs.

DC 37 had no response to this proposal. This was the first of many bargaining sessions.

Occupy Wall Street Can’t Be Stopped!

The Mayor may have used the police to evict the Occupy Wall Street encampment Nov. 25, but the protesters showed that this only organized and energized them more. Thousands of people took to the streets two days later to march in the Financial District and ending with a huge rally with unions and community groups in Foley Square that night.

Off to Albany

The Union is planning a lobby day in Albany Tuesday, Dec. 13 to talk to lawmakers about fighting to save CASA, where 700 of our jobs are under threat from the Governor’s Medicaid redesign plan. We will be providing buses leaving early in the morning. Stay tuned for more details. For more information, call VP of Legislation and Political Affairs Michelle Akyempong.

Please help the Hurricane Victims...

A message from Local 372


Local 372 Vice President Donald Nesbit shared this message on what YOU can do to stop a CON CON.

FINAL DAY of Pasols Trial!

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Will the death of Judge Scalia affect Friedrichs V CTA

A note from International President Lee Saunders...


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