Working people, your freedoms are under attack

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     This week’s must watch: It’s from Pres. Lee Saunders. It’s about freedom. It’s a good one. "Unions — not corporations — stand for freedom of American workers.”Watch more.

  • Trumpcare update: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent the Senate home for the July 4th recess with no vote on the Senate bill — because he didn’t have the votes. But it ain’t over yet. No matter what changes he makes, Trumpcare is still just a tax break for the wealthy paid for by taking away health care from the rest of us. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities breaks it down.
  • Despite hostile environment, Nevada state workers win raises: State workers in Nevada lack the freedom to negotiate together and work in a hostile “right-to-work” environment. Despite these challenges, members of AFSCME Local 4041 secured important victories in this year’s legislative session. Read more.
  • No to shutdowns, yes to responsible budgets: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie and family soaked up the sun over the July 4th holiday on a state beach he closed to the public over a budget impasse. AFSCME works hard to prevent similar stalemates and government shutdowns. But we also want lawmakers to propose responsible budgets that will help, not hurt, working people. That’s why we oppose President Donald Trump’s draconian 2018 budget request. Read more.

Ky. goes right to work (for less): So AFSCME Local 2629 gets strong, AFSCME Strong. Signing up 700 workers (80 percent of the unit!) in just five months. Be inspired.

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