Welfare Fund Information Phone Numbers

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SSEU Local 371 Benefit Funds

 817 Broadway 15th floor New York, New York 10003

Telephone# (212) 777-9000


 Fax# 212-673-3813               


Welfare Fund

Dental: x3069/3070

Disability: x3090

Life Insurance: x3063

Burial: x3063

Accidental Death/ Dismemberment Insurance: x3063

Enrollment: x3064

Prescription Drug: x3054/ 3065

Optical (VDT): x3060

Hearing Aid Appliance: x3054

Abortion: x3054

Annual Diagnostic Examination (GHI/CBP Subscribers): x3060

Pension Counseling: x3089

Prosthetic Appliance: x3054

Crisis Intervention: x3068


Charles Ensley Educational and Scholarship Fund

Courses (College, Technical, Vocational, Specialized, Conversational Language and Computer)/ Registration Fees for Job-Related Conferences/ Membership Fees for Job-Related Professional Organizations/ Civil Service Examination Preparation/ Preparation Courses for Certification Examinations/ Computer Seminars: x3063


Annuity Fund: x3065 


Legal Services Fund 

Civil Matters: x3089

Mirkin and Gordon, P.C.

Last Will and Testament/ Living Will/ Health Care Proxy/ Appointment of Agent to Dispose of Remains/ Designation of Person in Parental Relation/ Legal Defense/ Appeals/ Legal Separation/ Divorce Proceeding/ Annulment Proceeding/ Family Court/ Custody/ Adoption/ Guardianship/ Change of Name/ Personal Bankruptcy/ Legal Protection for the Elderly/ Consumer Protection/ Estates and Administration/ Homeowner Rights/ Immigration Law

Criminal Matters: x3089

Kreisberg and Maitland, P.C.

24-Hour Answering Service (212-677-5252)

Bail Bond/ Criminal Defense Consultation/ Criminal Defense/ Criminal Traffic Offenses/ Criminal Defense of Dependents/ Family Court Representation/ Application for a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities/ Department of Motor Vehicles Hearings and Applications for License Restoration/ Federal Criminal Defense/ Interrogation

Dental Facility/ Podiatry Services: (212) 473-4700

Social Service Employees Union Local 371
817 Broadway, New York, NY 10003