We Urgently Need Your Active Participation to Help Protect Workers' Compensation

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The New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance, together with NYCOSH, the Worker Protection Coalition, NYSTLA and many others, has launched a campaign to make certain that injured workers are heard by the Workers’ Compensation Board, the Legislature, and all who are involved or affected by the proposal to effectively eliminate schedule loss of use awards.

On the WCA web site you will find a new page that is the heart of our campaign. The page is located at:


On this page there are utilities that do the following:

1. Generate a pre-addressed, pre-written email with a public comment to the Workers’ Compensation Board (which people can and should edit to add their own thoughts).

2. Generate a pre-addressed, pre-written email to State Senators (with a utility to “find your Senator”).

3. Include a link to the NYS AFL/CIO’s public comment campaign.

4. Include links to the WCA on Facebook (NewYorkWCA) and Twitter (@NewYorkWCA).

5. Includes a link to the Worker Protection Coalition petition at MoveOn.org6. Include a link to WCA documents about the issue.

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