We did it!

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What a night!

Thank you to the members of SSEU Local 371 for their support of the campaign to defeat the ConCon. Together, our voices were heard loud and clear. Along with our sister unions at DC37, we organized, informed and advocated our membership and their families on the importance of defeating this proposal. And we did. Congratulations to the Mayor and the other candidates who won and whom we endorsed. Let them understand and remember that our vote should not be taken for granted. We will continue to work with them to improve the lives of our members and the citizens of New York City, whom we serve. And finally, let tonight’s victories serve as a beacon to energize and strengthen us as we continue to face and conquer the challenges that lie ahead. 

God Bless you. God Bless the Union.

Social Service Employees Union Local 371
817 Broadway, New York, NY 10003