SAT Prep

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The Board of Trustees has approved adding a Scholastic Aptitude Test Preparation Course benefit to the Fund’s Plan of Benefits, effective January 1, 2008. The benefit will reimburse up to $200.00 of the tuition costs for SAT preparation course taken by eligible children of Fund members. Use of the benefit is limited to one per child and the SAT preparation course must be provided by a licensed or otherwise recognized institution. The Trustees added the SAT Preparation Course benefit as a “Pilot Program” and will closely monitor its utilization. It will be made a permanent part of the Fund’s Plan of Benefits if experience indicates that Fund members need the benefit, and if the Fund’s finances will be able to support it. To use the new SAT Preparation Course benefit, complete and sign the appropriate claim form, and return it to the Fund office, along with an original receipt for tuition paid. SAT Preparation Course claim forms are available at the Fund office, and claim forms are often available from Union delegate at your work location or at the Union’s website at Members who have any further questions should call the Welfare Fund, at (212) 777-9000, Ext. 3054.

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